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Partner for the Environment 2022

WWF Partner for the Environment 2022

WWF works with selected companies to make value chains more sustainable, reduce their ecological footprint, and help finance environmental work.

Two types of partnership

In principle, WWF Switzerland distinguishes between two levels of cooperation:

Sustainable Business Partnerships — ambitious and effective

The aim of these partnerships is to advance environmental protection by taking specific measures along the company’s entire supply chain. To this end, we jointly agree on ambitious environmental targets aimed at reducing resource consumption and negative effects on the environment. Targets are transparently disclosed and regularly reviewed, with ambition levels being raised over time. The companies support WWF’s environmental work financially and are given access to WWF’s global expertise in return. They are also given the opportunity to communicate together with WWF about their environmental commitment.

Why does WWF work with companies?

Supporting Partnerships — making a difference and adding value

This type of cooperation focuses on financing WWF environmental protection projects and raising consumer awareness of important environmental issues.

Our partners

Each partner page provides detailed information on objectives, joint projects, and the relevant partnership contributions. The 2021/22 financial year saw WWF Switzerland receive 8 million Swiss francs through corporate partnerships, which equates to about 15 per cent of total income.

Partnerships are making an impact

Partnerships have a positive impact on the environment: reduced CO2 emissions, more sustainable supply chains, more ecological products, sensitized customers and employees, commitment to environmental concerns vis-à-vis industry associations and more efficient energy use are only some of the results achieved.

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Raising awareness for sustainable consumption

Together with WWF, corporate partners promote environmentally friendly consumer behaviours, including buying products from sustainable sources such as FSC-certified wood and paper. The partners also support WWF's campaigns to preserve endangered habitats or to protect species.

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Common goals for the environment

WWF accompanies and supports companies in making supply chains more sustainable and in reducing the main drivers of biodiversity loss and global warming.These partnerships make it possible to achieve environmental protection that would not otherwise be possible: entire industries are moved and sustainable economic activity is promoted.

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Financing conservation projects

Partner companies provide the financial and material resources for an environmental project. There are two requirements for donation campaigns: Either the company is already at an advanced stage of making its business practices more sustainable, or its operations only have a minor impact on the environment.

Ambitious goals

WWF partnerships with companies are based on constructive dialogue and mutual challenge. To remain independent, WWF follows strict guidelines. These include due diligence and the right to publicly criticize their partners.

  • Due Diligence. WWF conducts an audit with each partner company to clarify the negative impact, but also the potential for a positive impact of the company on the environment. WWF categorically excludes certain industries from a partnership, such as the coal and weapons industries.
  • Commitment. Partners agree on goals with WWF, and regularly report to the organization on achieving their targets.
  • Transparency. For all partnerships, WWF publishes the agreed goals and requirements for the companies, annually provides an update on the achievement of those goals and the amount of financial compensation.

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